Many Midnights




 My new spider-themed anthology, "Inside the Web" is now available on the Store page! 


My new 'Homemade' book, "A Trip Through the Cemetery" is now available on the Store page!! 


Hey there, my name is Rick. I'm a published author of horror stories. I have written over three hundred stories, including six novellas. Currently, I`m working on two new novels. I have over 400 publications so far in several different countries.

My six anthology books and ten handmade books, "MANY MIDNIGHTS","STORIES THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT", "FRACTURED DREAMS","SLICES OF HORROR", "MANY MORE MIDNIGHTS", "CHILLS BY CANDLELIGHT", "A TOUCH OF HORROR" ,"COLD, DARK TALES", "A PLACE OF HORROR", and "ONCE UPON A MIDNIGHT". as well as my horror novella, "PRIVATE NIGHTMARES (THE TREES)" are for sale here on my site on the STORE link. I will update with new stories at the beginning of each month.

My two novels, "To See as a God Sees", and "Where Things Might Walk" , as well as my  anthology books, "Many Midnights", "Chills by Candlelight", Beneath the Moonlight", "As Mean as the Night", Cold, Dark Tales", "Michigan Madmen", "Private Nightmares", " Twelve Days of Christmas Horror", and 'Giant Book of Nightmares 1 and 2" are all available on and Amazon, as well as other sites.

Here are a few samples of my work, so brew a cauldron of hot tea, light a blood-red candle and enjoy.





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